Frozen Main Dishes

Vegetable lasagne (v)
Aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes. peppers, basil, béchamel sauce, pasta
                                               £4.50 (1 portion)

Aubergine gratin (v)
Aubergine filled with couscous, pine nuts & sultanas topped with a béchamel sauce
                                               £6.75 (2 portions)

Wild mushroom & chive risotto (v) (gf)
Arborio rice, wild mushrooms, onion, garlic, parmesan, vegetable stock, cream & chives
                                               £4.96 (per 310g) 

Minted Vegtables (v) (gf)                                                                                                                                       Mange tout, green beans, peas, carrots & mint                                                                                                                                                                 £2.95 (2 portions)

Penne pasta with black olives, tomato & basil sauce (v)
Delicious hot or cold 
                                                 £2.85 (per 280g)