Free range egg mayonnaise & cress (v) 

Farmhouse cheddar with plum & apple chutney & salad leaves (v) 

Chicken jubilee with salad leaves

Paté Forestière with cranberry sauce & salad leaves 

Honey roast ham with coleslaw

Roast turkey with cranberry sauce & salad leaves

Roast beef with grainy mustard mayonnaise & gherkins


Tuna mayonnaise with vine tomatoes & salad leaves

Prawns with taramasalata & salad leaves

Sandwich of the week (please enquire)
Sandwiches are available on white or granary bread white or granary baguettes 25p extra

Sandwich platter 
One & a half rounds of assorted sandwiches 
                                                £4.50 per person

Sandwich & savoury platter

One round of assorted sandwiches & fo
ur assorted Savouries
                                                £6.75 per person 

Starters & savouries
Chicken liver, herb & mushroom pate (gf)
                                                £2.60 per 200g tub

Tofu & nut terrine (v) delicious hot or cold 
                                                £2.75 per slice  

Sausage roll with cranberries
                                                £1.70 each

Pizza (v), Artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, olives & herbs
                                                £2.60 per slice, £18.50 (8 slices)

Homemade pork pies, with caramelised onion and apple                                                                                                                                           £1.95 each 

Cheddar cheese and caramelised onion tart (v)                                                                                                                                                               £1.75 per slice   £16.00 whole 


Spinach & feta (v) 
Leek & stilton (v)

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables & goat's cheese  
Quiche lorraine
Mushroom & ham 
                                     £1.10 per 100g    £16.00 whole

Whole Quiches

A large quiche (serves 10)  £16.00

Small quiche's (serves 4/5) £8.50

Fresh seasonal soup (v) (gf) 
£1.85 (per portion) 
£3.70 (2 portions) 
£16.50 (10 portions)

 Leek & mustard, Carrot & coriander

 Spicy Tomato, Curried parsnip
 Leek & stilton, Mushroom
                                                         Cheese & onion, Cauliflower Cheese                            Broccoli and Stilton.                                  

(v) = vegetarian (df) = dairy free (gf) = gluten free
All of our products are made in a kitchen that uses nut ingredients.